The basic requirement
for optimal results –
the SAE product programme

Based on our basic technology, the patented SAE spark erosion procedure, we have been developing dental production processes since 1982, systemising them and making them into marketable products. Our years of experience together with new, scientific findings help us to continually improve and expand our range of products. All production processes, machines, equipment and materials are geared to each other. We, therefore, recommend that you use the tried and tested SAE products. By doing so, you save laboratory time, unnecessary costs and will always have optimal results.

Our wide range of products for precision dentures in combined and implant prosthetics includes:


SAE Spark Erosion Machine EDM 2000/12

Basic accessories and erosion equipment, handbook and erosion parameters

  • Forward-looking through further development EDM 2000/12
  • Smoother surface - maximum 5 µm
  • Precision fit of the eroded surfaces
  • Passive fit of the implant structures

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Dental Connecting Elements:

Attachments, swivel latches, abutments, friction pins, modelling aids

  • For combined fixed/removable dentures
  • For denture implants - partially removable
  • Spark erosion specifically for CoCrMo + titanium

Download Swivel Latch Catalogue · Download SAE Precision T-2000 Catalogue


SAE Single Solid Cast Systems:

Investment material, duplicating material and auxillary tools

  • For telescopic dentures made of CoCrMo
  • Secondary telescopes based on single solid cast
  • Precision fit following the SAE Okta procedure
  • Controllable friction using spark erosion

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SAE Secotec Product Programme

for the manufacture of tension-free dentures on implants

  • Implant structures with passive fit using spark erosion
  • Adapted to SAE system - developed and tested for over 20 years
  • Accessories for passivation of the implant structures
  • User-orientated instructions

Download SAE Secotec Product Catalogue


SAE Accessories Programme

for the SAE system technology for use in the dental laboratory

  • User-orientated range of products
  • For continuous production
  • Erosion accessories
  • Materials of use

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Frank Rübeling MDT
Managing Director
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Lars Axmann
Customer Support (orders)
Telephone: + 49 471 984 87 45
Telefax:     + 49 471 984 87 44

Bernd Trotzke
Support (machines and equipment)
Telephone: + 49 471 984 87 41
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