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Product Catalogues

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgSAE Catalogue of Dental Products 2018

List of all our products for dental spark erosion. SAE spark erosion machine, erosion accessories, tools, electrodes, dental connecting elements and user instructions.
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files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgCatalogo prodotti dentali SAE 2015
(la versione italiana)

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Secotec KatalogSAE-SECOTEC-Programme 2017

For the passivation of the implant structures and
accessories for implant-retained dentures.
Preparation of models - step by step, pages 10-11
diagram showing the model structure, page 12

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Riegel KatalogSAE Swivel Latch Catalogue

Tool electrodes, prefabricated swivel latch elements
and instructions of assembly.
Latch standard + mini: instructions, pages 4-5
Latch '95: instructions for use, pages 6-7
Module latch: Instructions of assembly: pages 16-17
SAE swivel latch standard + mini: instructions of assembly, pages 18-19
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Praezi-T KatalogSAE Precision T-Attachment 2000 Catalogue

Step by step instructions for SAE Precision T-Attachment 2000
for spark erosive and conventional assembly.
Tool electrodes, prefabricated attachment elements
and step by step instructions.
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Patient Documentation

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Kombi.jpgCatalogue Combined Dentures



files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Implantat.jpgCatalogue Denture Implants


SAE Parallelometer / SAE Horizontal Centrifuge

SAE Precision Parallelometer
Information Sheet

SAE Horizontal Centrifuge
for the consistently shaped master model
Information Sheet

Scientific Studies

Sheffield Test on CAD/CAM-milled bar structure
Study: Prof. Dr. W.-D. Müller Biomaterials research
CC3 "Charité" Universitätsmedizin, Berlin

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The secret of perfect fitting double crowns made of CoCrMo
with long-term friction effect using friction pins
and SAE spark erosion!

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files/pages/Mediathek/videos/3/vlcsnap-2013-03-08-14h01m03s231.pngAnimated graphic "The Spark Erosion Process"

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files/pages/Mediathek/videos/1/vlcsnap-2013-03-08-14h00m34s160.pngVideo "The Spark Erosion Process
for the Passivation of the Bar Structure"

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files/pages/Mediathek/videos/2/vlcsnap-2013-03-08-14h01m10s33.pngAnimated Graphic "Spark Erosion of the Pin Fit"

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Vita Günter Rübeling

Guenter_RuebelingPDF Download

Safety Data Sheets

Here are the safety data sheets for our SAE products:

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_Dielektrikum.jpgDielectric Fluid:
Dielectric Fluid / IonoPlus

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_Elektrolytische-Glaenzfluessigkeit.jpgElectropolishing Solution:
Electropolishing Solution


files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_SAE-Friktionsstifte.jpgFriction Pins:
Friction Pins

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_Haftvermittler.jpgBonding Agent:

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_SAE-Invest-M2.jpgInvest M2:
SAE-Invest M2

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_Laserschweissdraht.jpgLaser Wire:
Laser Wire Titanium
Laser Wire CrCo

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_OktaCMVS.jpgOkta-C/M VS:
Okta-C/Okta-M VS

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_SAE-Okta_Sil_A_B.jpgOkta Sil A+B
Okta Sil A+B
Technisches Datenblatt Okta Sil A+B


files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_SDB_Schwenkriegel_T_Geschiebe.jpgSwivel Latch / T-Attachment:
Schwenkriegel Standard Gold
Schwenkriegel Standard Titan / Modul-Riegel
Schwenkriegel CrCoMo / T-Geschiebe

Working instructions for technicians and dentists


SAE Technology - Biocompatible Dentures
with telescopic double crowns
with controllable friction
Download English   Download Italian

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgSAE Technology –
Instructions of use for combined
fixed/removable dentures
with customized attachments
Download English   Download Italian

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgAssembly Instructions
SAE Special T Attachment
Download English   Download Italian


files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgAssembly Instructions
SAE Swivel Latches Standard + Standard mini
Download English   Download Italian

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgAssembly Instructions
SAE Module Swivel Latch
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files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Produktkat_2015.jpgSAE Special Die Stone +
Epoxy Resin for Precision Models
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files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_VA_Meistermodell.jpgSAE master model preparation
for implant-retained dentures
with passive fit

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_VA_Abutmentcheck.jpgStep by Step:
abutment check for
checking the position of the
implant-retained dentures with passive fit
Download English   Download Italian

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_VA_Implantatprothetik.jpgStep by Step: 
Implant bar prosthodontics
Download English   Download Italian


files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_VA_Epoxy.jpg SAE Epoxy Resin and
 Special Die Stone -
 Precision fit with dimensionally
 stable master models
 Download English   Download Italian

Technical Library SAE Spark Erosion

Here you will find a selection of scientific publications on the subject of SAE spark erosion:

“Passive fit” bei implantatprothetischer Rehabilitation im zahnlosen Unterkiefer. (Dr. C. Olms, G. Rübeling, K. Popall / Quintessenz Zahntechnik 2013; 39(5):644-653)  

“Passive fit” bei implantatprothetischer Rehabilitation im zahnlosen Unterkiefer. Teil 2: Passivierung und Fertigstellung.
(Dr. C. Olms, G. Rübeling, K. Popall / Quintessenz Zahntechnik 2013; 39(6):778-789)

Teleskopierender Zahnersatz mit Doppelkronen im Einstückmodellgussverfahren aus CrCoMo mit steuerbarer Friktion. (G. Rübeling, K. Popall / Quintessenz Zahntechnik Jhg. 33 (2007)/Nr. 12, S. 1518-1532)

Gipse für formstabile Implantatmodelle? (H.-H. Willers, G. Rübeling, K. Popall / Quintessenz Zahntechnik Jhg. 30 (2004)/Nr. 3, S. 238-250)

Click here for a PDF download overview of further publications. Please call or write to Sharon Janicki saying which article you are interested in.

Photos and logos

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files/pages/Mediathek/SAE-DF-Logo-D.pngSAE Logo - Download

files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Friktion.jpg Illustration: Friction pin spark erosion


Illustration: Passivation spark erosionfiles/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Passivierung.jpg


Illustration: Ceramic bridge spark erosionfiles/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_Keramikbruecke.jpg


files/pages/Mediathek/Mediathek_Icon_EDM2000.jpgIllustration: Spark erosion machine,
EDM 2000/12