Proved and tested for decades –
Biocompatible base metal alloys

For more than 40 years now, gold-free precious alloys such as the NPM CoCrMo or titanium have been used in humans as implants in endoprosthetics. As early as 1982 dentures were produced with biotolerant, gold-free dental alloys - thanks to the SAE spark erosion procedure, with precision fit.

Dentures made of various alloys carry a health risk.
Galvanic corrosion in the mouth attacks the solder materials and in doing so can lead to over acidity, stomach problems and bad breath.
Monometallic dentures made of CoCrMo are not harmful.
There is no soldering, they are corrosion resistant and thus biocompatible.

NPM CoCrMo beats gold alloys

  • Excellent tissue tolerance thanks to the high corrosion resistance of using just a single base metal alloy component CoCrMo in the mouth of the patient
  • SAE CoCrMo Octa alloys are free from nickel, gallium and beryllium
  • No crevice corrosion

Optimized for spark erosive use: Our SAE Octa special alloys (NPM CoCrMo).